Gods Plan of the Ages


Explanation of words in indented format: In trying to help the reader understand a word or introduce something that is new that might confuse or cause concern, the indented remarks and scripture is to shed more light or give a deeper understanding to the text referenced. All scriptures are copied from the best source for electronic Bible study and research, which is SwordSearcher, authored and supported by Brandon Staggs, who can be contacted directly by email at bstaggs@swordsearcher.com. This product is one of the most powerful and well thought out programs on the market. It is with the deepest sense of gratitude for Mr. Stagg’s work and continual drive to further the gospel through this work. Thank you, Mr. Staggs! May God continue to richly bless your work and faithfulness to His Eternal Word. Since the scripture retains the King James Version, italicized words indicate words without any original language supporting word.

Start of new scripture references will be in Bold face, such as Gen 1:1. Acknowledgment of word definitions and helps are given in the abbreviated form as shown below: Ryrie = RYRIE: Study Bible, King James Version, Charles Caldwell Ryrie, Th.D., Ph.D., Moody Publishers, Chicago, 1994 SGD = Strong’s Greek Dictionary SHD = Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary

                                          Bibical Reference Abbreviations:
                   OLD TESTAMENT BOOKS       		                          NEW TESTAMENT BOOKS                   
     Genesis – Gen                   Ecclesiastes – Eccl         Matthew – Matt                   1 Peter – 1Pt           
     Exodus – Ex                     Song Of Solomon – SS        Mark – Mk                        2 Peter – 2Pt          
     Leviticus – Lev                 Isaiah – Is                 Luke – Lk                        1 John – 1Jn   
     Numbers – Num                   Jeremiah – Jer              John – Jn                        2 John – 2Jn
     Deuteronomy – Deut              Lamentations – Lam          Acts – Acts                      3 John – 3Jn 
     Joshua – Josh                   Ezekiel – Ezek              Romans – Rom                     Jude – Jd
     Judges – Jdgs                   Daniel – Dan                1 Corinthians – 1Cor             Revelation – Rev
     Ruth – Ruth                     Hosea – Hos                 2 Corinthians – 2Cor   
     1 Samuel – 1Sm                  Joel – Jl                   Galatians – Gal            
     2 Samuel – 2Sm                  Amos – Am                   Ephesians – Eph 
     1 Kings – 1Kg                   Obadiah – Obd               Philippians – Phl
     2 Kings – 2Kg                   Jonah – Jnh                 Colossians – Col
     1 Chronicles – 1Chrn            Micah – Mic                 1 Thessalonians – 1Thess
     2 Chronicles – 2Chrn            Nahum – Nah                 2 Thessalonians – 2Thess
     Ezra – Ezra                     Habakkuk – Hab              1 Timothy – 1Tim
     Nehemiah – Neh                  Zephaniah – Zeph            2 Timothy – 2Tim
     Esther – Esth                   Haggai – Hag                Titus – Tt
     Job – Job                       Zechariah – Zech            Philemon – Phlm
     Psalms – Ps                     Malachi – Mal               Hebrews – Heb  
     Proverbs – Prov                                             James – Jms